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Reliable in Any Climate. Ready for Any Roadway.

Outperforming the Competition

Rail King models are robust, rugged and reliable, offering power and performance on road and rail. Factory options enable customization to your application.


Engineered to maximize safety, efficiency and operator comfort, Rail King has three side-mount cab models offering tractive effort ratings up to 46,550 pounds and two full-width cab models offering tractive effort ratings up to 50,000 pounds.

Designed with high visibility and versatility, Rail King units offer ultra-low emissions and lower fuel consumption. Anti-corrosion protection, heavy-duty steel frames and moisture resistance mean you have lower operation and maintenance costs for years.

Credit Application

Stewart & Stevenson and its dealer network have established long-term relationships with financial institutions that provide financing structured to address clients’ unique operational and budgetary requirements.

For new accounts or unit financing, complete the credit application form and send it to Rail King Equipment Sales.


Rail King is robust, rugged and reliable. With the lowest cost of ownership, Rail King units offer long-term durability and low maintenance costs. All new units come with the Rail King promise of quality, service and safety. And to back that up, we offer an industry-leading, two-year/3,000-hour factory warranty for manufacturing defects to protect your investment.


  • Rail King offers side-mount or full-width cabs with dual-direction controls and both road wheels and rail wheels for easy mobility on tracks and roadways.
  • Our enclosed, insulated cab ensures 360-degree visibility for operator safety.
  • All railcar movers come with an emergency stop, integrated alert messaging and enhanced error detection.


  • Available in several efficient and cost-effective models.
  • Rail King provides maximum tractive effort — up to 33,825 pounds for single-coupled versions and up to 50,000 pounds for double-coupled versions.
  • Our units offer exceptional power, typically outperforming competitive models of the same class size.


  • Our models are fuel efficient, built for harsh environments and made to last.
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs over the life of the unit.
  • Individually painted pieces to prevent corrosion and ensure durability.


  • Heavy-duty, fuel-efficient, six-cylinder engines.
  • Patented cushioned coupler system, full floating frame and cab design that provide a smooth ride.
  • Systems designed for ease of service, resulting in less downtime and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Factory options available to fit any application, including remote control.

RK285 G4

37,000 lbs | Tier 3 – 173 hp | Full Width | Analog Controls
The RK285 G4 model is powered with the industry-leading Cummins QSB Tier 3 engine and John Deere drive train.

RK290 G4

39,500 lbs | Tier 3 – 173 hp | Side Mount | Digital Controls
The RK290 G4 features the same engine and drive train with larger-capacity axles and more weight than the RK285 G4.

RK300 G4

43,250 lbs | Tier 3 – 173 bhp | Side Mount | Digital Controls
The RK300 G4 offers the highest tractive effort rating in a single cab model. It is the heaviest of the three single cab models.

RK320 G4

49,000 lbs | Tier 3 – 190 bhp | Full Width | Digital Controls
The RK320 G4 features the Cummins QSB Tier 3 Final Engine, four-speed transmission, autoshift or powershift.

RK330 G4

51,500 lbs | Tier 3 – 204 bhp | Full Width | Digital Controls
The top-of-the-line RK330 G4 is engineered for performance, with the Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 3 Final engine.

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Stewart & Stevenson manufactures a line of Rail King mobile railcar movers that supports railcar switching operations throughout North America and in international locations. Engineered to maximize safety, efficiency and operator comfort, Rail King is manufactured in three side-mount cab models offering tractive effort ratings to 46,550 lbs, and two full-width cab models offering tractive effort ratings to 50,000 lbs.

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For nearly 30 years, Stewart & Stevenson has engineered safe, efficient, durable Rail King railcar movers made to withstand any weather or terrain. We paint each piece prior to assembly, providing protection from corrosion and extending the life of the machine.


“I’m extremely pleased with the reliability, performance, and comfort of our Rail King Mobile Railcar mover, It gets the job done!”

Ryan Nelson , South Hampton Resources

“I have worked in the cement and fly ash distribution side of Salt River Materials Group / Phoenix Cement Company for 38 years. We exclusively use Rail King railcar movers to sort and spot railcars for loading and offloading at multiple distribution terminal and power plants throughout the southwest. ”

Ron Helms, General Manager of Operations / Salt River Materials Group