Parts and Service

Service After the Sale

Making Maintenance Simple

Rail King is easy to maintain, lowering the cost of ownership. We have customized planned maintenance programs and certified parts and service to keep your asset reliable for decades.

Service and Maintenance

  • We service all makes and models of railcar movers.
  • Our custom planned maintenance programs, whether for a full fleet or one railcar mover, meet your specific needs.
  • Certified technicians at your local Rail King dealer provide periodic maintenance, emergency repair and unit upgrades.
  • Contact our service & maintenance team

Parts Management

  • Rail King dealers provide genuine OEM Rail King parts and certified Rail King service.
  • Stewart & Stevenson’s Houston manufacturing facility supplies Rail King parts to distributors.
  • Parts are available overnight with a more than 90 percent fill rate for common parts.
  • Contact our parts management team


  • TrackGlass, the nontoxic, odorless, nonflammable and non-sparking traction enhancing media for r