Manufacturing Technologies

Our Manufacturing Process

Made in the US, each unit is carefully engineered, manufactured and tested in Houston, TX. We individually paint each piece to ensure moisture and corrosion resistance.

Manufacturing for the Lowest Cost of Ownership

Robust, rugged and reliable equipment doesn’t just happen. It takes expertise, dedication and strict adherence to a comprehensive set of standards.

Using modern 3D technology, we build prototype designs, then produce them on lean manufacturing flow lines. Comprehensive testing ensures that the completed product fulfills customer expectations.

Warehousing companies, chemical and refining plants, cement facilities, the grain and feed industry and Class I railroad companies utilize the power of Rail King railcar movers to increase productivity in their railcar switching operations.


For nearly 30 years, Stewart & Stevenson has engineered safe, efficient, durable Rail King railcar movers made to withstand any weather or terrain. We paint each piece prior to assembly, providing protection from corrosion and extending the life of the machine.


“I’m extremely pleased with the reliability, performance, and comfort of our Rail King Mobile Railcar mover, It gets the job done!”

Ryan Nelson, South Ha