Each generation of Rail King railcar mover uses the latest technology to improve efficiency and reliability, helping Rail King to deliver the lowest cost of ownership. The Rail King G6 features a low-emissions engine, newly designed electrical system, a mobile controller and multicolor LED Rocker switch panels.

Cummins Low-Emissions Engine

The Rail King G6 is the first in the industry to have as standard equipment the Cummins Tier 4 Final low-emissions engine. Fueled by ultra-low sulfur diesel, it provides better fuel economy and better performance at lower operating cost. From air filter to exhaust, the Cummins Tier 4 Final engine is a complete engineered system package with electronic engine management.

Newly Designed Electrical System

The G6’s newly designed CANBUS electrical system offers simplified wiring and component installation. It provides seamless high-speed data communication between power train components and enhanced error detection and fault confinement for improved diagnostic capability.

Mobile Controller

The PLC-based mobile controller is programmable for enhanced operator safety and comfort. It has IP 67 Protection Rating, one of the industry’s highest. The full-color LCD display in the cab, also with IP 67 Protection Rating, allows operators to view real time engine, transmission and Rail King operating parameters, as well as active and stored trouble/diagnostic codes.

Multicolor LED Rocker Switch Panels

The multicolor LED Rocker Switch panels are programmable to provide immediate feedback to the operator and change color to acknowledge commands or problem alerts. The panels are vibration, shock and moisture resistant.

Rail King Guarantee

As in previous generations of Rail King models, the G6 has independent road and rail wheels for easy mobility on both road and rails. Available in both Full Width and Side Mount cab styles to fit your specific switching operation. Each Rail King is backed by an industry leading 2 year/3000 hour warranty period, providing our customers the peace of mind that they expect from Stewart & Stevenson equipment.


With a wide selection of optional equipment, Stewart & Stevenson can tailor each Rail King to fit individual customer needs. The most popular options are cab air-conditioning, centralized lubrication, remote control and cold weather packages. Contact us to learn more.